Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Global warming and Intimate products

So I had a hand surgery three weeks ago, nothing super terrible, but rather painful and inconvenient. You can see on the picture my dressing and sausage fingers. I also insisted on writing "NO" on the unaffected side, to prevent the well meaning surgeon from amputating the wrong hand.

Since I did not have to slave for my food after the repair, my circadian rhythm reverted back to my normal one, and I became a nocturnal animal: much like a raccoon, except I didn't dig in the garbage. Yet.

So, it's 3AM, I had enough of my internet buddies and was on my couch, half asleep, watching reruns of Married with Children. That's a great show, Al Bundy was the last American male, a true man's man. But I digress. Just as Al got his newpaper rolled up under his arm and was heading upstairs to do his business, a commercial came on. It was for Al Gore's (no relation to Al Bundy) global warming movie. Inconvenient something or the other. Right after that, a "instantly warming intimate gel" was advertised. I can't quite recall who makes it, but I thought, wouldn't that be great if Al Gore came up with "Al Gore's Global Warming Gel" for all your intimate needs?

I don't know if anyone else will find it funny, but it amused me. So I laughed at my own thoughts and dragged myself upstairs to brush my teeth, snuggle up to the fuzzy creature in my bed (AKA my husband), and get my 12 hours of beauty sleep.


  1. И получилось,что пингвин по пьянке утонул,как в том анекдоте о сломанном телеке,где картинка с "В мире животных",а звук из "Человек и закон":))