Thursday, April 22, 2010

We will fight them on the beaches...

I am in a strange mood today: contemplative and a bit nostalgic. I was reminiscing about my growing up in the streets of Kiev, terrorizing the neighborhood kids. Growing up there is inseparable from the World War II. You are reminded of it everywhere: street names, countless monuments to soldiers, frequently unknown, and the people themselves. The horrors of WWII live in the people, there is not a single person who somehow hasn't been affected by it.

What does one do when they are in a mood such as this? They go on YouTube to look for videos and music to nurture their mental state. As did I. I went on YouTube. There I found videos about that war, I also found Winston Churchill's famous speech, now known as "We will fight them on the beaches..." Wow, what a guy! It gave me shivers and inspired me. It also saddened me.

Where are Winston Churchills of today? Today, when we have our President bowing down to every third world nation leader? When we cannot name things by their true names. Today, when our soldiers cannot fight without being persecuted for doing their job?

Will we ever be able to fight for our existence again? Will we ever stand up and fight them in the hills? We will fight them on the beaches...

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