Friday, February 18, 2011

On this Valentine's day, my husband (as romantic as he is) said, "Go get yourself $300 worth of stuff at a knitting store." Wheeeeee!  I know, people who are newly weds or just dating, this doesn't sound too exciting, but for me it was amazing! First of all, my husband remembered that I like to knit. He knows I like more exotic fibers, which cost more money. AND he remembered Valentine's Day! How cool is that? Seriously. The fact that he didn't get me the "stuff" from a knitting store is actually good as he wouldn't have known what to get. So, the bottom line is this: I have an awesome husband who gave me an awesome gift.

His plan, however, backfired. At least for him. I made him go to "Twisted" with me to get the "stuff". When we walked in, we were greeted by 6 women turning to see who was coming in and the hum of their spinning wheels. Apparently it was the spinning night. Not the gym kind of spinning. They were spinning various fibers into various yarns. I wonder if this spinning could be done while spinning. Hm... Something to think about. Maybe I will come up with an invention to improve one's physique and cardiovascular health while making quality yarn.

At the store, I got some Addi turbo circular needles and a bunch of "Baby Twisted" baby alpaca yarn. Just so you know, they don't kill the cute little baby alpacas. They shear them or brush them or pluck them or whatever. All I know is that the cute baby alpacas are very happy while I get this amazing knitting yarn. The color, by the way, is called "rose grey" and it is a natural color, but looks absolutely beautiful.

I decided to make a sweater for my husband with the said yarn.  I hope it is not too much of an undertaking for me, but I will keep you posted. Happy knitting!

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